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Pushy and Bucky

I have a 8 yr old gelding his name is striker Quarter horse looks like he has some other breed in him he really big- Beautiful- Don’t have the relationship I would like to obtain with striker- he is broken- he is very intimidating Yes I’m a push over- but when I 1st brought him […]

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Protein Percentage for Your Horse

PROTEIN The dietary requirements of protein for horses change as they mature or a demand is placed on their bodies. Protein percentages are easily found on feed bags but there is no labeling on hay bales. Again hay must be analyzed in order to determine its protein percentage. It is far safer for the horse […]

Horse Trailer Hitch & Tires

Trailer Classifications Trailers commonly used to haul horses fall into one of four classes based on Maximum Gross Trailer Weight (MGTW). MGTW is equal to the load weight, trailer weight and tongue load. Class 1: MTGW Not exceeding 2,000 lbs Class 2: MTGW Over 2,000 lbs but not exceeding 3,500 lbs Class 3: MTGW Over […]

Hoof Handling & Standing

Q&A: How do I get my horse to stand better or quietly for the horseshoer? When the dust settles at the end of the day, the task of training your horse rests on your shoulders. It’s not really the horseshoer’s job to train your horse, but many times that’s what happens. I also know that […]

Hoof Examination

Hoof Examination (Hoof Pick & Hoof Tester) Using the same routine starting with the left front, left hind, right front and right hind. Observe the left front leg starting at the withers and moving down to the ground. The horse’s front legs should be column straight, with both feet firmly on the ground. The horse […]

Hoof Care Team

It has been said many times by many horse-owning generations “No hoof no horse”. The hooves are truly the foundation of a horse. A horse in the wild naturally wears its hooves down by being constantly on the move, often averaging as much as 20 miles a day. Horses in captivity are normally limited to […]

Fundamentals of Horsemanship

All horses must be given good leadership to have a positive successful relation with you. The way in which you apply your leadership towards your horse is called training. Horses are probably the most intelligent of the domesticated animals. A horse has a photographic memory that runs non-stop 24 hours a 7 days a week. […]