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Equine Dentistry

Floating is a common equine dentistry procedure, and most horse owners are familiar with its importance. But this is just one of many dental procedures that might be available from your veterinarian or equine dentist. Many other equine dental problems can develop and go undetected until severe pain becomes obvious. The adult male horse has […]

Equine Body Language Speaks Volumes

Learn to read equine body language. Even without words, your horse has a lot to say. Her ears, facial expressions, tail and legs can provide clues to her emotional and physical state. Ear-ly Warnings • Neutral: Ears are held loosely upward, openings facing forward or outward. • Pricked: Ears held stiff with openings pointed directly […]

Daily Horse Checkup

Every day, do a daily horse checkup. This first impression of your horse can tell you a lot about her general condition. Is she agitated or apathetic? Uninterested in her favorite horse treats? Look at her posture and behavior. Experience will help you interpret many of these subtle equine behaviors, but trust your gut if […]

Common Equine Skin Problems

Common equine skin problems come in many forms and control is very important to stop the spread. Your horse’s skin is very tempting. There’s lots of it (12 to 24% of the horse’s weight!) and it’s often sweaty. To insects, flies, bacteria and fungus, this is paradise on the hoof. When your horse’s skin is […]

Bite Me: Your Guide To Horse Teeth

Horse teeth grow continuously. As they grow, fall out and wear down, a variety of equine dental conditions may develop. A general knowledge of equine dentistry and horse dental problems will help you better understand what’s going on in your horse’s mouth. Horses have two sets of teeth, deciduous (baby) and permanent (adult). Horses have […]

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Why tailor-made study cardstock? All students have some obstacles in the course of their education and certified design as they definitely have disorders in creating their essays. As you can imagine, you will know study documents are a fundamental element of progressive higher education including proficient progress of many people is inconceivable without, especially for […]

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