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How To Help A Cast Horse

A cast horse is in a literal jam. He laid down in his stall or near a fence, rolled over and uh-oh! His legs are in a position that prevents him from standing up. Your horse may panic and thrash, injuring himself on a fence or wall. He needs to be righted quickly to prevent […]

How To Give Horse Dewormer

Do you look forward to giving horse dewormer? Love to fill that syringe and have your happy, cooperative horse open wide and say yum? I didn’t think so. Giving dewormers is one of those horse care chores that horsekeepers hate and horses hate more. What you’ll need: Your horse’s estimated weight Deworming tube Deworming products […]

Horse Watering: Keep It Clean!

Be honest. Would you drink out your horse’s water trough? Rethink your horse watering practices if the thought makes you a little queasy. Your horse might not be too fussy about a few leaves or a bug or two, but truly fouled water can make your horse sick. Here are few suggestions to keep your […]

Horse Supplements: Electrolytes

When choosing horse supplements, electrolytes should be on your list. Even at rest, a horse drinks about ten gallons of water a day. Under stress or during heavy training, your horse may not take in all the fluids that she needs. Adding electrolytes to your horse’s diet will maintain the balance and flow of vital […]