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What are the different types of riding boots?

Leather riding boots  Leather riding boots are the most traditional design, all come in various designs and styles. Leather has various natural advantages that make them an attractive option for customers.   Leather is both hardwearing and waterproof, and will last for a number of years if properly cared for. Use leather feed and oil along with […]

Horse Blanket Measurement Tips

Use the right horse blanket measurement calculations to get the best fit for your horse. A poor fitting blanket won’t get the job done. It may be uncomfortable for your horse and could even cause minor injuries. So get out your tailor’s measuring tape (available from fabric stores or the notions department of many grocery […]

Horse Barn Fires Can Be Prevented

Horse barn fires are a scary reality. What can you do to reduce your risk? A few simple precautions and an effective emergency plan will help mitigate risk, increase overall safety and let you sleep a little better at night. Horse barn fires can spread very fast. Barns tend to be open, airy and filled […]

Horse Allergies

Sniffles? Sneezes? It’s Spring…and prime season for horse allergies! Yes, you AND your horse can suffer from allergies to mold and weeds. Allergic Respiratory Disease is a common condition in horses. Horses will show flu-like symptoms including a recurrent cough, eye discharge and fatigue. Their lungs may become inflamed and they are more likely to […]