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Combining Services in the Horse Business

One of the latest crazes in the insurance industry is insurance bundles. That is, you purchase your car and homeowner’s insurance from the same company, and you get a discount on both. This is good for the consumer because he pays less for two things he needs anyway. And it’s good for the insurance company […]

7 Things Stable Managers Should Never Say

1. “Feeding can wait.” Horses require consistency in their feeding schedules. If they are fed too late or too early, the resulting irritation can cause colic and a host of other problems. When you’re managing a stable, make sure feeding schedules are a top priority. Little Tip: Ask for an alternate feeder volunteer. It might […]

7 Things Riding Instructors Should Never Say

1. “You aren’t good enough.” Each of your students will have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to appreciate your students’ strengths and help them work on their weaknesses, not to tear them down. There is always a better way to phrase constructive criticism, and with every comment you make, focus […]

7 Things Horse Trainers Should Never Say

1. “Your horse is the devil.” You’d be surprised how often I’ve heard this from the mouths of horse trainers, and it’s just not a good idea. Your clients don’t want to hear that their horses are demons on hooves, and the truth is no horse deserves this label. Horse trainers must decide, before entering […]

Why Horse Trainers Should Never Make Guarantees

Guarantees are common in the business world. Entrepreneurs know that customers are more likely to buy when they feel their purchase is secure. Guarantees provide that security. But not if you’re a horse trainer. In this segment of the horse business, guarantees will ruin your reputation, destroy your credibility, and probably leave you penniless. Why […]

What’s Included in Your Horse Training Fee?

Horse training sounds pretty simple, right? People hire you to work with their horses, you solve the animals’ problems, and you get paid for your effort. No problem. Except it is. What you may not realize is that your clients have expectations, and those expectations might have nothing to do with what you really offer. […]

What do your students want to learn?

Great riding instructors ask their students questions. They solicit feedback on future riding lessons so they can constantly improve their performance. Most important, they teach what their students want to learn. You’d be surprised how often riding instructors follow a pre-conceived formula in each of the lessons they teach. They know what has worked for […]

Top 20 Amenities for Horse Farms

The types of amenities a horse farm should provide depends on the clients that horse business serves. Clients who compete on a regular basis and ride expensive horses require different amenities from clients who trail ride every once in a while and consider their horses pets. This isn’t an excuse for humbler facilities to slack […]

The Role of the Telephone in the Horse Business

The telephone is one of the most important tools a horse business owner can have in his or her arsenal. It serves a variety of purposes: Fielding calls from prospective clients Keeping in touch with current clients Communicating schedule changes Directing people to web sites and other communication methods Connecting you with help in an […]