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The Riding Lesson Program

Riding instructors often miss the mark when it comes to setting up their businesses. They look at each lesson in a vacuum, assuming that it stands alone as its own separate event. In reality, each lesson is part of an overall riding lesson program. Or, at least, it should be. Students don’t come to riding […]

Sharing the Load

Running a horse business is no easy task—it takes considerable strength, skill, and energy on a daily basis. This is why many horse businesses run by single individuals often fail. You’ve got to learn to share the load. Yes, you’ll make more money if you go it alone. And sure, it’s hard to find good […]

Scaling Back: An Announcement and a Tip

Some of my regular readers might have noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent from the blog these last couple weeks. Part of that is because I’ve been sick (some sort of evil upper respiratory bug that just won’t die), and part of it is because I’ve had to re-evaluate my priorities when it comes to […]

Mystery Shopping for the Horse Business

Sometimes horse business owners need to take the lead from other industries. If you want to find out how well your employees are performing on the job, mystery shopping is one of the best places to get objective, empirical information. Mystery shopping is a form of quality control wherein someone poses as a customer and […]

How to Challenge Students in Riding Lessons

Each riding lesson you teach should introduce your student(s) to new material. You might work on movements or techniques taught in previous lessons, but you must bring something fresh to the table. I’ve met many riding instructors who hardly ever teach their students new things. Every lesson is just like the last, usually consisting of […]

Horse Job Spotlight: Riding Instructor

If you are interested in becoming a riding instructor, take heart in the knowledge that you aren’t alone. Thousands of other equestrians all around the world aspire to this career choice because it allows you to work directly with people and animals. Most riding instructors were once students themselves, and therefore bring with them to […]