Horse Hoof Health: A Necessity For Your Horse

The most neglected part of the horse body is its hooves. Healthy hooves help in maintaining the strength and flexibility of your horse. Horse hoof health needs to be maintained by taking good care of the hooves, which is important for the horses as it helps them to give better performance and superb stability. Proper care of the hooves should be made a regular practice in your horse management. Proper maintenance of horse hoof health can reduce exhaustion, discomfort, lameness and a bunch of other diseases.

Horse hoof health can be assured by taking care of the hooves with the various procedures that should be applied from time to time. The different procedures are cleaning, trimming, hooves angling and treatment.


It is very important to clean the hooves regularly because some stone particles and small objects can be wedged in the hoof of the horse and can result in some disease. Thrush is a situation where some bacterial organism infiltrates into the frog. These organisms start some diseased reactions and this leads to lameness which tends to be a serious disease. So it is necessary to clean the hooves regularly using hoof pick or fine bristle brushes. Proper cleaning is an absolute necessity for ensuring proper horse hoof health in horses.


Trimming is one of the important procedures that help to take proper care of horse hoof health. Trimming is not needed as repeatedly as cleaning, but it is equally important as cleaning. Hooves are like our nail which keeps on regenerating of its own, so trimming them can keep them in shape and proper length. Equal length should be maintained between inside and outside of the hoof walls. Nippers and rasper help in trimming. Trimming should be done carefully so that the hoofs can be prevented from developing cracks and suffering bad horse hoof health. Fragmenting and peeling of hooves can be prevented by rounding the hoof rim. The frog portions should also be trimmed to remove the dead and flaked skin.

Hooves angling

There is a particular angle that should be maintained between the hooves and ground and the process of doing this is known as hoof angling. Normally the hoof wall overlaps the shoe as the hoof grows bigger, so it is necessary to maintain their appropriate angle. Angling also prevents cracks and wear and tear of the hooves and thus ensures good horse hoof health.


This is obvious that during nailing and some of these procedures, some severe injuries can take place, you have to treat these injuries medically to maintain fine horse hoof health. Usually during nailing attention is required or you can prick the nail too deep into the hooves, which can cause lameness. You should give suitable medical attention to your horse.

These are some of the procedures that can help in maintaining proper horse hoof health.

Horse Herbs: Natural Medicines For Horses

Horse is well-built, physically powerful animal with great endurance and flexibility, and these things help it to travel a long distance. Wild horses have access to a rich diet with different species of herbs. Horses have adapted a wonderful habit of self awareness or self medication; which help them to determine which herbs would be beneficial, and which would be harmful for them. Today horses are domesticated in different parts of the world. There are very few horse owners, who maintain the proper herb diet which are essential for the horses. Due to the inconvenience in getting them, these horse herbs are not provided to the horses in their pasture area.

Horse herbs are small plants with different medicinal properties. The negligence of horse herb nutrition leads to unhealthy and diseased horses. Today, due to the lack of these herbs, many horses are seen suffering from different diseases. Horse herbs help in better breathing behavior and digestion in horses. These herbs are also seen to be quite effective in ensuring the good maintenance of the skin, muscles, tendons and joints. Herbs also are found to be beneficial in improving the immune system of horses.

There are various horse herbs with different components which have highly active elements. Some of these active elements are found to have great medicinal benefits. You should know about all the herbs and their effects on the horses. This will help you to provide the necessary herbs to your horses for their better health and fitness. There are different horse herbs for different purpose.

The different horse herbs required for healthy digestion are Meadowsweet, Calendula, Mint, Licorice, Lemon Balm, Golden Rod, Fenugreek, Celery Seed, Burdock, and Aniseed; the most important one being Aloe Vera. The horse herbs that affect the hormones of horses are Sage, Raspberry, Licorice, Chaste Tree, and Aniseed.

Vervain, Valerian, Poppy, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, and Clover have been found to be quite effective in ensuring better temperament in horses. The horse herbs that help strengthening the bones and joints are Kelp, Nettle, Devils Claw, Comfrey, Clivers, and Buckwheat. Marigold, Celery Seed, Buckwheat, Clivers, Nettle, Vervain, Kelp, and Dandelion have been found to be helpful in muscle therapy.

Echinacea, Garlic, Aniseed, and Marshmallow are those horse herbs that are found to be beneficial in respiratory problems. The herbs that act as immunity stimulators are Echinacea, Garlic, and Radish.

These are some of the most important horse herbs that help in ensuring the fine health of horses. With the intake of these herbs, useful precautions also need to be taken. Proper care should be taken when these herbs are introduced into the diet of the horses. You can also plant some of these horse herbs in your pastures, for the sake of better health of your horses.

Horse Health Questions: Places To Look For Answers To Questions On Horse Health

Horses are domesticated by many people around the world. While some people use horses for helping them in their works, many others prefer earning money from them, by making them run in races. Horses are often found to be affected by some problem or the other, which are seen to greatly affect their health. Horse owners often do not know much about horse health, and are often seen asking horse health questions to the people they know in order to increase their knowledge about the various problems that may be affecting their horses.

People can benefit a lot by asking fellow horse owners, who take a keen interest in ensuring fine health of their horses. By discussing with each other, the people will be able to find answers to all those horse health questions that were troubling them for too long. The discussions are sure to prove beneficial for horse owners, and will help them in looking after their horses in a much more efficient manner.

The best people to whom, horse owners can ask horse health questions, and expect to find good answers are the veterinarians. Having complete knowledge about the various ailments that may affect horses, these people know everything about the various problems that may affect horses. By consulting with veterinarians, horse owners will get answers to all the horse health questions that would enable them to take proper care of their horses.

With the rise of internet as a valuable source of information in recent times, it is the place that most people turn to in order to find answers to their questions. Horse owners too can take use of the internet to find answers to the horse health questions that trouble them the most. There are a large number of online websites that are dedicated fully towards horse care and horse health. By surfing these websites, horse owners would be able to find answers to most of their horse health questions.

Horse owners can also benefit a lot by checking on the various online forums that are created for people who own horses, horse lovers and horse health specialists. These forums are used as a sort of platform by the members in order to discuss with each other various topics related to horse care and horse health. These forums prove to be a very valuable source for finding the answers to some of the most intriguing horse health questions.

Getting answers to the most difficult horse health questions has become very much easier nowadays, and horse owners are now seen to be able to take care of their horses in a much more efficient manner than before.

Horse Health Products: Necessary To Ensure Fine Health In Horses

Horse owners are often seen to take a lot of pain, to ensure that their horses remain in perfect health. They see to it that their horses receive the best care and food, so that they remain in top class health. However in spite of all the care that the people take it is often found that the horses are lacking in energy, and are not able to perform their tasks they should be performing. In spite of the food that the horses may be having, they may be lacking some necessary nutrients. So to ensure that horses are able to get all the necessary nutrients, many horse health products are seen to have made their way in to the markets.

Horse health products contain all the essential nutrients that the horses are not able to get, in spite of having plenty of healthy food. These products are seen to contain those vitamins and minerals that the horses are not able to get from their food. They also contain iron supplements that help in ensuring that the horses would be able to perform better.

However there are some important things that the horse owners need to be careful about while buying horse health products for their horses. Many times it has been found that the health products have some side effects, which may adversely affect the horses. This is not a desirable thing. This is why it is often advised that prior to providing horses with any horse health products, horse owners should check with veterinarians, to find out whether there are any risks that their horses may get exposed to, on having those heath products. If the veterinarians find that the products are completely safe then only should they be provided to the horses.

There are many other types of horse health products that are available, which help in taking care of the other health problems that may affect horses. These include the products that help in taking care of the various body parts like hooves, muscles, legs and skin of the horses. There are also some products that are seen to be quite useful in treating injuries on the different body parts of the horses.

There are many companies that produce horse health products; as a result the horse owners get a huge range of options to choose from for the health product they wish to buy for their horses. However, it is very important to check out for reviews about the various health products, so that horse owners can be sure that they are buying the best product for their horses.