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There is only one way to train a horse properly, despite what anyone says. Natural fundamental horsemanship uses the horse’s natural and fundamental characteristics and horse sense to communicate what you desire. Natural fundamental horsemanship is founded on developing a relationship through firmness, fairness and communication. Coercion training has limited success and usually results in […]

Where to find the best equestrian clothing online

Equestrian is a great sport, but it’s one that can be taxing on your clothes. It’s important to purchase good quality equestrian specific clothing to ensure that you are protected and also to guarantee longevity in your clothing. At Robinsons Equestrian they provide the very highest quality clothing at affordable prices – this is where […]

Why do horse licks benefit the horse

Like most mammals, human beings included, horse’s need a certain amount of salt in their body. Salt is an electrolyte, and acts to attract and retain water in the body, which is particularly important for a horse. Horses tend to lose water in hot weather, through activity and heat, and fail to consume enough during […]