Leather riding boots 
Leather riding boots are the most traditional design, all come in various designs and styles. Leather has various natural advantages that make them an attractive option for customers.  
Leather is both hardwearing and waterproof, and will last for a number of years if properly cared for. Use leather feed and oil along with wax shoe polish to keep your boots in top condition.  
Rubber riding boots 
Rubber boots are suited to riders on a budget, but do contain certain advantages. 
One of the main advantages of is that rubber is essentially weatherproof, as it does not crack or rot. The nature of rubber also mean that rubber riding waterproof safety boots are easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth.  
Long riding boots 
Long ortallriding boots are the standard boots for adults in competitive competitions. Although they are all similar in their lengths there are a number of different styles.  
One of these varieties is the field boot, which is a long riding boot made from leather with lacing on the ankle. The lacing not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but also allows for a certain level of give in the boot. This particular design is often used in show jumping.  
The dress boot does not feature lacing and often features styling on the outside that serve to not only keep the leg in place, but also add a sens of style. This design is often used by dressage riders. A hunt boot shares many of these features, but also contains a cuff at the top usually coloured brown.