Equine Ailments: Some Of The Ailments That Can Attack Your Horses

A large number of ailments are there that can affect any horse, while some may be of very serious nature, and difficult to treat, others are found not to be too serious and can be treated quite easily. Horse owners need to be wary about the common equine ailments that can pose a threat to the health of their horses. Having a basic knowledge of such equine ailments that can attack your horses, helps you to be in a better position to understand, and ensure the better care for your horses.
Some of the well known equine ailments and their effects on horses have been enlisted here:
Arthritis: Arthritis as we all know is an ailment that primarily targets the joints and tends to make them weaker. Of all other equine ailments, this ailment can attack any horse and can cause considerable trouble for their joints. Arthritis can result in the horses becoming lame and are found to cause a lot of pain on the affected joints of the horses. This equine ailment needs to be treated properly to ensure that the horses do not have to suffer much from it.
Anhidrosis: There are a wide range of equine ailments, which may cause trouble for your horse. These ailments tend to be very different with their effects on the horses. One such ailment that is seen to trouble horses, is the ailment called anhidrosis. Horses that are affected with anhidrosis are seen to suffer from a peculiar problem, due to which they are not able to sweat properly. Horses affected with this ailment are seen to pant a lot and have a very high body temperature.
Colitis: The various equine ailments that affect horses are seen to target their different body parts. One such ailment that targets the gastrointestinal system is known as colitis. It is not a very uncommon ailment that is seen to affect the horses, and results in the horses developing diarrhea and signs of dehydration.
Septicemia: Septicemia is another of the several equine ailments that can spell trouble for the horses. Horses, suffering for this ailment have large amounts of bacteria and toxins inside their blood, which could be the cause for other equine ailments like meningitis, pneumonia and diarrhea. It is possible to get treated for this equine ailment, by acting as fast as possible, after it has been detected.
There are many other equine ailments, which could cause trouble for the horses. Timely detection and treatment is found to be of great help in saving the horses from suffering from the harmful effects of several ailments.

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