Fundamental Horsemanship Leadership Secrets is a horse training book designed to help the horse owner have a better understanding of the horse.

This book is written with the intention to help the rider or handler develop the mindset that will help develop a great horse. It is also written in a unique approach that most horsemanship books address.

The common horse training book mostly addresses the horse; this book is written to help the human so that the horse can be helped to become better.

The beginning of the book gives a loose historic timeline of notable horse trainers. This gives the reader the chance to appreciate the contributions of people who ultimately influence the natural horsemanship culture today.

The 132 page book is written in short digestible chapters in order to underscore a specific topic that will help the reader to learn good leadership skills. The theme of the book is simple, good horsemanship requires good leadership skills. To some people leadership may be a four-lettered word. Buck, kick, rear and bite are also four-lettered words that can cause serious injuries. Most people want to get the most out of their horse with as little effort as possible. This is accomplished by developing a good relationship through good leadership. The theory behind using good leadership skills to accomplish horsemanship goals is that a horse naturally seeks and gravitates to good leadership. Good leadership skills by the rider or handler can help your horse’s behavioral problems disappear. Introducing good leadership techniques to your horse can help rejuvenate a stagnant or soured relationship.

Fundamental Horsemanship Leadership Secrets consists of 14 chapters in addition to an introduction and an addendum. The 14 chapter titles are listed:

Introduction: Become Part of the Herd and Then Become the Leader

Chapter 1: Historic Horsemen & Horsewomen

Chapter 2: Horse Sense is Not Really Common Sense Until You Know Better

Chapter 3: Your First Ride is Your First Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

Chapter 4: Pure Blood or Pure Wild?

Chapter 5: Become the Leader Your Horse Wants YOU to Be

Chapter 6: Your Horse is Your Mirror. Do You Really Like What You See?

Chapter 7: Speaking Softly & Carrying a Big Stick

Chapter 8: Mistakes are Just Great Opportunities to Define Success

Chapter 9: Dull or Sensitive? Gentle or Spirited?
Chapter 10: Dust Yourself Off & Get Right Back on Your Horse!

Chapter 11: Rein Management vs. Leadership: Challenge Your Inner Leader

Chapter 12: Lead Change: Changing Leadership Positions For Good

Chapter 13: Riding Bridleless: It’s a Bit of Irony How

Little You Need a Bit

Chapter 14: T.L.C. = Trust, Leadership & Communication

Addendum: Quotes of Horse Sense
The book is centered around the T.L.C. concept developed by the author. T.L.C. is the acronym for Trust – Leadership – Communication. If those three values are in equal proportion with a horse then the relationship between horse and human is healthy and in balance.

The chapters are designed to build on each so that the reader can understand how develop a relationship so strong that ultimate riding goal can be accomplished, riding bridleless. While some riders may not want to learn to ride bridleless this book can help those riders too. The real truth of the rider’s leadership and relationship can only truly be tested by riding bridleless.