Horse Arthritis: Symptoms That Suggest Arthritis In Horses

Whenever we come across the word arthritis, we think it as a human disease. But it is seen that horses also suffer from a type of arthritis known as horse arthritis. Arthritis may cause lameness in horses, which can end the racing career of horses. After a certain age horses are prone to arthritis, as after the age their bones, muscles and joints start to degrade faster. Horse arthritis commonly affects the leg areas of horses.

Horse arthritis can happen due to many reasons, but the most important and the foremost reason is the degradation of the synovial fluid. The synovial fluid acts as a sort of lubricant between the cartilage and the bones. With the increasing age of the horses, the fluid begins to become light and the cushion between the bone collapses, as a result of which the bone begins to pulverize each other. This causes irritation and soreness in the affected areas.

Horse arthritis can be cured if they are detected in the early stages. We should first come to know the symptoms of arthritis to effectively cure and prevent them. Some common symptoms of horse arthritis have been discussed here.

In the joints you will find puffiness, rigidity, or pain that will last for quite some time.

After a small work or action the joints will start paining.

Legs tend to become inflexible after standing for long.

When the joint is in motion or in use you may hear a grating sound.

Horse arthritis results in swelling of the affected joints.

You will find extreme change in the attitude of the horse, once affected with horse arthritis.

After a normal exercise you will find that horses are limping.

These are the some of the common symptom which you can observe in the horses, and as soon as possible you must take proper remedies or cure. If you find some of these symptoms in your horses, then you should immediately go to veterinarian for check up and after few tests like x-ray or ultrasound, once the horse arthritis is determined, you should start proper treatment.

There are various types of treatments that are implied once horse arthritis is determined. In extreme situation surgery is the best way of treatment.

The most important and the foremost treatment is use of pain relief and anti irritation drugs that can be helpful. Some of the well known drugs are dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), Naproxen and many other, these can be injected directly or can be given orally. But uses of these drugs can cause gastrointestinal ulcers. One of the most powerful and reliable drug is Adequan (polysulfated glycosaminolglycan (PSGAG)) which is injected directly into the joints which reforms the cartilage.

These are some of useful treatments that are really effective against horse arthritis.

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