Horse Feet: Importance Of Taking Good Care Of Them

One of the toughest jobs for the horse owner is to take care of the overall health of the horse. Supervision of horses does not just constitute their health problems, as you also have to pay attention to the overall body of the horse. Horse feet are one of the important parts which have to be maintained by the horse owners. Lack of proper care of the horse feet can lead to lameness.

Horse feet care is an absolute necessity as it helps the horse in ensuring proper performance and better career. For proper care of the feet of the horses, you have to know and learn the basic formation and function of horse foot and all its parts. Normally horse feet are divided into external and internal foot structure. The external foot structure consists of four parts namely, coronet, hoof wall, frog and sole. And the internal foot structure also consists of four parts namely, plantar cushion, coffin bone, sensitive laminae and navicular bone.

Horse feet care consists of some of the important processes that have to be performed on a regular basis.

Routine care is a process where you have to maintain clean and clear feet in your horses. Normally some unwanted organisms capable of spreading diseases concentrate in the horse feet. The diseased bacteria accumulate in the frog region and produces stinking odor and this gradually results in lameness. In such cases hoof picks or fine wired brush is used to clean the area.

Moisture should be maintained in horse feet as it leads to sustain flexibility and avoid cracks in the hoof. Intense wet circumstances can lead to dryness and the natural oils and protective films present in the lower foot region can corrode from regular contact with exterior moisture. So you should dress the hoof applying animal fat or lanolin in the base.

Trimming is very important technique to hold proper shape and size of horse feet. It should be done frequently on regular intervals. Nippers and rasp are basically used for trimming. Trimming is done to keep the pressure on the hoof wall and to remove dead tissue from the sole.

You should also maintain proper angle between the hoof wall and the ground in order to prevent lameness of the horse feet.

When you are nailing the horse shoe be attentive and take care that the nail should not prick the horse feet as this will cause severe injuries and can result in lameness.

Cleanliness, promptness, frequency and utilize of correct remedial measures are some of the most important features of high-quality horse feet care

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