Horse Forage Testing

Horse forage testing will ensure the best possible nutrition for your horse.

Forages supply energy, crude protein, minerals, and vitamins at varying levels, depending on forage species and its nutritional value. Forages are classified as legumes or grasses. The nutrients in the forage vary, depending on the maturity of the grasses, fertilization, management, and environmental conditions.

Clover and alfalfa are classified as legumes. They are usually higher in protein, calcium, and energy than grasses and require warm weather and good soil for the best nutritional value.

Hay is dried forage. It is harvested, dried and baled. Legume hay can contain 2-3 times more protein and calcium than grass hay. Common grass hays include timothy, brome and orchard grass. Read more aboutchoosing quality hay and testing horse hay.

Thorough analysis is the only way to accurately evaluate your horse’s ration, allowing you to adjust both feed and forage for a healthy, balanced diet. Better nutrition means better health, stronger performance and longer life!
Equi-analytical Laboratories specializes in the most modern techniques for determining the nutrient content of forages and feeds for horse owners. Because forage makes up at least 50% of a horse’s diet, knowing it’s nutritional make-up is essential for creating an optimum total feeding program.

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