Horse Health Problems: Some Common Health Problems That Affect Your Horse

Horses are often found to be troubled with horse health problems, now and then. But in spite of this they are forced to work harder and harder day by day. This has a bad affect on their health, and may even lead to their death. Therefore it becomes very important that you should try and gain knowledge about the various health problems and their reasons. The best way to know about horse health problems is to consult the veterinary and find out their remedies.

Horse health problems can affect any part of the body of the horse, starting from its head to its feet.

Feet should be checked on a regular basis as it is possible that some stone or trash can be lodged into cervices. Hoof should be trimmed perfectly the nails on the shoes need to be checked, which penetrate into sensitive areas and cause pain. Throbbing pulse rate and over heated hooves are hint of some horse health problems that may be affecting their feet.

Lower leg should be regularly checked for swellings and heat. This can lead you to know about any tendons and ligament injuries in your horse. In this condition giving your horse a little time to rest and heal, will help in solving its horse health problems.

Joints are often subjected to injuries like lameness. Horse health problems like arthritis and bursitis are also found in the horses. Slip and lock of stifle are also seen in horses. Very small pieces of bone are found floating in the joints due to heavy stressful work at their young age.

Sore backs that are seen in the riding horses, can led to serious horse health problems. Sore back can be suspected by the conditions like flinching or saddling during brushing. Some common diseases subjected to happen in the back are navicular disease and chronic founder.

Over eating can also lead to horse health problems. This can result in laminitis or founder as it is generally called. The after effect is painful irritation in the feet.

Progressive degenerated navicular bone can cause a deadly disease like navicular disease. Particularly the tendons pass over the small navicular bone inside the foot and that result in pain. The starting syndrome is lameness. This disease is incurable, but you can prevent it to get worsen by appropriate treatment and curative trimming and shoeing of the feet.

Tying up or Azoturia is a serious condition where horses stiffens and show their unwillingness to work. This is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. The best thing here is to coat up your horse with a blanket and call your veterinary.

These are some of the common horse health problems that are seen to affect horses. You should try to ease these problems by taking correct remedial measures.

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