The most neglected part of the horse body is its hooves. Healthy hooves help in maintaining the strength and flexibility of your horse. Horse hoof health needs to be maintained by taking good care of the hooves, which is important for the horses as it helps them to give better performance and superb stability. Proper care of the hooves should be made a regular practice in your horse management. Proper maintenance of horse hoof health can reduce exhaustion, discomfort, lameness and a bunch of other diseases.

Horse hoof health can be assured by taking care of the hooves with the various procedures that should be applied from time to time. The different procedures are cleaning, trimming, hooves angling and treatment.


It is very important to clean the hooves regularly because some stone particles and small objects can be wedged in the hoof of the horse and can result in some disease. Thrush is a situation where some bacterial organism infiltrates into the frog. These organisms start some diseased reactions and this leads to lameness which tends to be a serious disease. So it is necessary to clean the hooves regularly using hoof pick or fine bristle brushes. Proper cleaning is an absolute necessity for ensuring proper horse hoof health in horses.


Trimming is one of the important procedures that help to take proper care of horse hoof health. Trimming is not needed as repeatedly as cleaning, but it is equally important as cleaning. Hooves are like our nail which keeps on regenerating of its own, so trimming them can keep them in shape and proper length. Equal length should be maintained between inside and outside of the hoof walls. Nippers and rasper help in trimming. Trimming should be done carefully so that the hoofs can be prevented from developing cracks and suffering bad horse hoof health. Fragmenting and peeling of hooves can be prevented by rounding the hoof rim. The frog portions should also be trimmed to remove the dead and flaked skin.

Hooves angling

There is a particular angle that should be maintained between the hooves and ground and the process of doing this is known as hoof angling. Normally the hoof wall overlaps the shoe as the hoof grows bigger, so it is necessary to maintain their appropriate angle. Angling also prevents cracks and wear and tear of the hooves and thus ensures good horse hoof health.


This is obvious that during nailing and some of these procedures, some severe injuries can take place, you have to treat these injuries medically to maintain fine horse hoof health. Usually during nailing attention is required or you can prick the nail too deep into the hooves, which can cause lameness. You should give suitable medical attention to your horse.

These are some of the procedures that can help in maintaining proper horse hoof health.