Injuries can affect any living being in this world. People can develop injuries while going about with their normal work schedules. The same way horses also often get injured, and develop horse injuries that are very severe and could affect a horse badly. Horse injuries can sometimes even result in the death of the horses. Horses being animals are incapable of knowing what or what not can harm them. You may pay a lot of attention in trying to bring up your horse, but in spit of all the attention you pay, they will develop injuries some how. All you can do is make sure that the injuries in your horses are kept minimal.

We should try and find out the various horse injuries and their after effects. Thus by knowing the after effects of several injuries, we can prevent the damage caused by them by lowering their intensity. Some of the common injuries that are often found to affect horses are lacerations, contusions, puncture wounds, general lameness, scrapes and abrasions. The most dangerous horse injuries among these are contusions and puncture wounds. A contusion is a horse injury that is caused when a horse is kicked by another horse. It can cause severe damage to the muscle in various parts of the body. Puncture wounds, which are caused by bacterial infection on the wounded areas, are not visible and are seen to infect the tissues.

There are various ways to prevent these horse injuries just by taking little care of horses. You should just inspect the grazing land or the pasture area time to time. You should remove different iron particles, plastic or metal trash from the pasture land. There could be innumerable particles on the grass which could intensely hurt them. You should inspect the stable area same as the pasture area, because unwanted metal trash can be anywhere and could cause horse injuries.

You should secure the horses within a protected area by maintaining a suitable fence around their stables. Take care that the fence should not be rounded with wire. The wire around the fence can lead to horse injuries like scars.

You must ensure that the horses that are kept together have a good bond among themselves; otherwise they would fight with each other causing horse injuries. This can cause them puncture wounds which can be quite severe for the horses. The horses should not be confined for long s they will try to move out and destroy the fences. This can also cause severe horse injuries.

You have to be alert that wild animals like snake or dogs should not enter the area fenced. Dogs often carry infection like rabies which can harm your horse. These are some of the horse injuries that may affect horses and may lead to serious trouble for them.