There are innumerable joints and ligaments that are found in horses, and they tend to be very important, as an injury to them can lead to serious problems. The horse suspensory ligament is one such important ligament present in the legs of the horses. A serious injury to it can result in making a horse lose its inherent ability to run very fast, thus making them incapable of running well.

The injury of the horse suspensory ligament is found to affect usually those horses which participate in races. As the injury can affect any of the legs, it may spell doom for the racing career of the horse.

The horse suspensory ligament is in fact a muscle that has modified into a ligament. This ligament is built up of different fibers, namely muscle fibers and tendon fibers. A major portion of the fibers that build up the horse suspensory ligament are the tendon fibers. The numbers of muscle fibers building up the suspensory ligament is found to vary from breed to breed.

The sesamoid bone, distal sesamoidian ligaments and the suspensory ligament all together make up the horse suspensory. As horses run the weight of the body is transferred between the legs. The suspensory facilitates this weight transition from one leg to the other, by supporting the fetlock joint. As the weights are transferred from one leg to the other, the injuries to the horse suspensory is increased.

The injury to the horse suspensory is found to heal back on its own. The healing process however takes some time, as there are several steps that the body must complete in order to recuperate from the injury. At first the white blood cells present in the body have to remove the tissue that has been damaged by the injury. Once the tissue has been removed, new tissue needs to be developed by fibroblasts, which then helps regenerate the tissues.

However it is to be understood that although the body would help in rebuilding the horse suspensory, it will not be of the same standards as it was before. It tends to be weaker than before, thereby making it more prone to getting damaged all over again, the next time it is affected with an injury.

Recovery from an injury to the horse suspensory would take a lot of months, during which the horse owners need to take proper care of the horses. They should not be allowed to move too much, and after they have recovered fully, they should be made to do some small exercises before starting running once again.