How To Determine Horse Weight

It’s important to know an approximate horse weight so that you can administer the right dose of medication, estimate food and water needs and monitor your horse’s overall condition throughout her life.

You can use a commercial weight tape, but we’ve found this method to be a bit more accurate.

You’ll need:

• A tailor’s measuring tape. These are available from fabric stores or in the notions section of many stores
• A rigid tape measure or wooden folding ruler at least 6′ long
• A calculator (Unless you’re a math whiz. We’re not.)
• Paper & pen

1. Measure (in inches) the circumference of your horse at her girth. Run the tape measure behind her elbows and straight over her withers. Record this measurement.
Girth: ______

2. Using the rigid tape measure or folding ruler, measure (again in inches) your horse’s torso. Measure from the point of her shoulder to the point of her hip. Write this down, too.
Length: ______

Now for the math part.
Multiply girth x girth
Multiply that number by length
Divide that number by 330. That’s your horse’s body weight.

For example, if your horse has a girth measurement of 71 and a length of 64, your calculation would look like this:

Step 1: 71 x 71 = 5,041 (girth x girth)
Step 2: 5,041 x 64 = 322,624 [(girth x girth) x length]
Step 3: 322,624/330 = 977 pounds [(girth x girth) x length]/330
It looks more math-y than it really is. With a calculator, it’s very easy.

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