Introducing the Horse Business Glossary

For a while now, I’ve been kicking around different ideas for making your life easier. One of the projects that I finally got off the ground was the horse business glossary, which is an organized list of horse business and equine-related terms organized alphabetically.

The horse business glossary isn’t very big right now, but it’ll grow as time goes on. I could have waited until its competition to publish it live to RIU, but I figure it could help horse business owners even in its abbreviated state.

You will probably be familiar with most of the terms in the horse business glossary already, but I wanted to create a repository of terms that could be beneficial to beginners and veterans alike. It will cover everything from basic horsemanship terms to complicated business topics.

If you think of a term you want included in the horse business glossary, feel free to contact me with your suggestion(s). If I’m honest with myself, I know that it will never be complete—this is an ongoing project in which I will continue adding new terms as they come to me. Until then, enjoy.

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