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Will horse supplements prolong the life of a horse

As a horse grows older it grows increasingly susceptible to ailments, in much the same way as a human does; however, just like people, horses can benefit greatly from the various horse supplements that are available, thus enhancing the horse’s quality of life, as well as prolonging the life of the horse.

All too often people are quick to get rid of horses once they reach a certain age and, conversely, reluctant to purchase a horse that is above a certain age. This is due to a misconception that a horse, for all intents and purposes, becomes unfit for purpose once past a certain age. Indeed, a horse is considered to be aged, once it reaches the age of nine.

This needn’t be the case. If a horse is given the right supplements throughout its life then not only can its working age be increased, but also its overall age. Horse Supplements delay the obvious tell-tale signs of ageing that define a horse’s usefulness, which serves to both improve the horse’s overall quality of life, as well as making the horse more cost-effective for the owner.

Some of the typical signs of ageing that a horse experiences include grey hairs on and around the facial area. In addition, the horse’s muscles can degenerate, particularly along its top line. A hollowing of the face can occur, giving the older horse somewhat of a skeletal appearance.

In addition to these visible sign of ageing, there are also various illnesses and ailments that are internal, and so therefore not so easy to diagnose. Common problems include arthritis, liver and kidney problems, cataracts, melanomas, degenerative joint disease cushing’s disease and laminitis. Ensuring that a horse receives regular horse supplements can delay the onset of such problems and ensure that a horse lives a longer, more comfortable life.