Pushy and Bucky

I have a 8 yr old gelding his name is striker Quarter horse looks like he has some other breed in him he really big- Beautiful- Don’t have the relationship I would like to obtain with striker- he is broken- he is very intimidating Yes I’m a push over- but when I 1st brought him I trusted him and he trusted me- he came right to me and let me load him up- he wouldn’t let the previous owners touch him- so I’m thinking we have a connection- then I road him a couple of times- he did well- but I found out he was spooky the hard way- he likes to buck every now and again- so I stop riding him- 1st because in my heart I knew I was teaching him bad habits- no matter how beautiful he is- he is so full of energy- I brush and he stands right there with out any rope on him-I talk to him even hang out in the pen with him- he comes to me sometime he is a bully pushes me with his head- then he will stop- He can make a very good horse he has so much potential- should I see about hiring some one to train him I know I need training! Please help.

I would like to say that you did two things right before I tell you what you may have done wrong. First thing horses can be very dangerous. Bucking is a very dangerous and serious situation. Secondly you asked for help when you didn’t know what to do. This shows you have great judgement.

Your main question of what should you do is huge. Learning to properly train a horse is a complex task that can take years to accomplish. Also it can take up to 3 years to “break” a horse. Some great trainers consider a horse “broke” after he has been ridden 1,000 hours. If you ride your horse an hour a day every without missing a single day that’s about two and a half years. When you send your horse away for 30 days for training that is the tip of the ice berg.

Even if your horse comes back well trained if you don’t know what you are doing then the horse will eventually become a problem. The rider/owner/handler needs to know how to handle a horse or they could become a problem. Sending your horse to a trainer can help take the edge off the horse and you can see what he does to correct/train your horse.

Ground training plays a huge part in the fundamental foundation of training a horse. If your horse is pushy or a problem when you are on the ground then it will be ten fold worse on his back. If your horse does not respect or follow your instructions on the ground what makes you think he follow your instructions on his back? Remember that when our (humans) feet are on the ground we have the advantage. When we are on the horse’s back they have the advantage. They can’t buck us off when our feet are on the ground. I fear no horse when my feet are on the ground. But when I am on a horse’s back they can many things to put me in harm.

They can buck, rear, roll over and anything else to try to get me off. Ground training must be used to get the pyschological edge over the horse so that you become the leader in the realtionship. If your horse is pushy then he has zero respect for you. If you don’t have respect from your horse he won’t listen to you. This carries over to when you are on hios back. Bucking is nothing more than resistance to you. He is not your partner either. Partners look out for each other.

I would do a few things first. You need to do ground training to get respect. You also can’t ever let your horse push you around. He needs to respect your space like the queen you are. Don’t be afraid of hurting his feelings. He obviously is not afraid of walking all over you. Besides horses seek and are reasured by a strong leader. Yes your horse could have a temper tantrum when you first exert your leadership. He’ll get over it. If you don’t like anything about your horse’s behavior then change it. Horses quickly learn if you are consistent. Be a good leader consustently and your horse will change. Many problem horse are borne out of people rewarding thier horse’s poor behavior unknowingly.

Get a dvd to start horses from one of the celebrity trainers, like Chris Cox. Watch RFD – TV, if you have satellite TV. Read books and go to horse training websites. It takes a while to learn how to train and interact with horses. There is no quick fix to learning how to train horses properly. Get out with your horse. Don’t worry about ruining your horse.

Horses are extremely smart and can learn quickly. Don’t give up either even when you think all is lost. The horses that are the biggest challenges make the best teachers.

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