Reward Riding Lesson Students with a Schooling Show

Riding lesson students work hard to learn all they can about riding and horsemanship, and many of them either can’t afford or have no desire to compete. A schooling show is an inexpensive, no-pressure way to reward riding lesson students for their loyalty and their hard work.

The great thing about a schooling show is that it’s completely informal. Your riding lesson students don’t have to dress in their finest competition gear and there is very little overhead for the horse business owner. It might be nice to purchase ribbons for all the winners, but you can just as easily make your own rosettes or print certificates on your computer.

Riding instructors can include typical classes in a schooling show, and even add fun classes that riding lesson students wouldn’t find at a typical horse show. Examples include barrels and poles, the keyhole race, ride-a-buck, Mother May I, and numerous other options. Use your imagination.

The important thing is to make a schooling show feel special. Include all of your riding lesson students who want to participate, let them invite their families and friends, and put no pressure on them to win. Schooling shows often involve ribbons or awards for everyone (e.g., honorable mention) or even silly awards at the end, such as Most Classes Entered or Funniest T-Shirt.

A schooling show is an opportunity for riding instructors to demonstrate their gratitude to students and their families. It’s a chance to let kids and adults show off what they’ve learned over the years and to participate in a fun barn activity that is different from their regularly scheduled riding lessons.

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