What’s Included in Your Horse Training Fee?

Horse training sounds pretty simple, right? People hire you to work with their horses, you solve the animals’ problems, and you get paid for your effort. No problem.

Except it is. What you may not realize is that your clients have expectations, and those expectations might have nothing to do with what you really offer. Unless you sit down with your clients and tell them, step by step, what you do, misunderstandings will eventually put the kibosh on your horse business.

So what’s the solution? Decide exactly what’s included in your horse training program.

How often will you work with the horse in training? Will you prepare the horse for rides yourself? Will you bathe the horse? Groom him? Check him over for illness and/or injury? Oversee his feeding schedule? Provide regular progress reports? Are you available to the owner to answer questions by phone, via e-mail, or in person?

If you ask three people what they expect to get out of a horse training program, you’ll get three different responses. This is why it’s so important not only to tell your clients what they will receive for their money, but also put it in writing in their contract.

Include how much you charge for horse training, travel (if applicable), and any incidental expenses. For example, if you have to give the horse a dose of Bute after a stress injury, how will you be compensated for that?

And you might want to go as far as stating what you don’t include in your horse training fee. Things you either won’t do or things you charge extra for. These might include hand walking, blanketing, administering medication, and more.

So before you start a horse business, decide exactly what is included in your horse training fee. It will save you plenty of headaches, guaranteed.

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